Current version: 1.9.1 Build 52206 (09.09.2018)

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Current version: 1.9.1 Build 52206 (09.09.2018)

Post by francois on Thu 7 Dec - 16:17

Current version: 1.9.1 Build 52206 (09.09.2018)

  • updated parser for new html5player
  • fixed Firefox addon



Version: 1.9.0 Build 52195 (05.09.2018) Chrome Extension is Not Working - Please Update AntDM Up to v.1.9.x.

  • added new MIME types and fixed some old ones
  • removed support of old Firefox versions v32-52 (XPCOM technology)
  • fixed and updated Chrome extension
  • fixed and updated Firefox extension
  • fixed download algorithm
  • refactoring and bug fix

Version: (16.08.2018)

  • added the ability to rename files during download
  • added the ability to rename multiple files
  • updated MPEG-DASH stream protocol parser
  • important internal changes
  • fixed chromium extension
  • refactoring and bug fix

Version: (14.07.2018)

  • added file cache optimizing when downloading M3U8 video
  • updated parser of M3U8 stream protocol
  • fixed twitter video capture
  • fixed downloading with method 2
  • fixed AES decryption of M3U8 stream protocol
  • fixed algorithm of M3U8 stream protocol
  • fixed video converter
  • refactoring and bug fix

Version: (22.06.2018)

  • fixed youtube parser
  • fixed youtube playlist parser
  • fixed some MIME of files
  • fixed a bug of checkbox controls for "Download Link with AntDM" dialog
  • refactoring and bug fix

Version: (25.05.2018)

  • important correction - fixed automatic software update
  • refactoring and bug fix

Version: (21.05.2018)

  • fixed URL decoding for group downloading
  • fixed a bug when user try redownload outdated youtube or vimeo link
  • fixed renaming of downloading file in the download dialog window
  • fixed a sound when adding a download
  • refactoring and bug fix

Version: 1.7.7 Build 50074 (24.04.2018)

  •   added support of VIMEO-STREAM protocol (for example )
  •   fixed crash of the video box for some rare cases
  •   fixed renaming of downloading file in the download dialog window
  •   refactoring and bug fix

Version: 1.7.6 Build 49823 (10.04.2018)

  •   added the ability to delete items (links, file paths) from the ComboBox list
  •   improved the algorithm of download with help method #2 (reduced CPU load, increased download speed)
  •   fixed the synchronization of graphic elements of the download dialog window
  •   fixed the crash when sometimes a new debrid download added
  •   fixed the recovery of the youtube link if this link was outdated
  •   fixed the downloading files from Google Disk
  •   fixed the downloading video from some web services
  •   refactoring and bug fix

Version: 1.7.5 Build 49189 (06.03.2018)

  •   added test for duplicate downloads
  •   added a new feature in the context menu - posibility to extract audio MP3 track from the downloaded video
  •   added the ability to assign a folder for temporary files (the program settings -Config\Caterories)
  •   added\fixed the automatic installation and recognition antFF2 extension to Comodo IceDragon (Firefox clone)
  •   fixed the control and scrolling of the list box with help of mouse wheel
  •   fixed renaming m4a extension file to mp3 after audio conversion
  •   fixed conversion of the file name to utf8 by the IE extension
  •   refactoring and bug fix

Version: 1.7.4 Build 48664 (16.02.2018)

  •   added the new youtube video tags
  •   added filter to a dialog form "Download All Links with AntDM"
  •   added the cleanning of temporary M3U8 files after the downloading crash\stop
  •   added support ID3v2 tag of MP3 file. When you save an audio track to an MP3 file, ID3v2 tag: filename, publisher, cover image, etc. is added (if such information can be obtained).
  •   fixed the youtube parser
  •   fixed the youtube playlist parsing
  •   fixed the category management
  •   fixed addon installation for the new versions of Waterfox
  •   fixed AntDM.exe crash when user delete or cancel downloading
  •   fixed the software main list context menu
  •   fixed and updated Chrome and Firefox extensions
  •   refactoring and bug fix

Version: 1.7.3 (26.01.2018)

  •   updated the extension for Chrome v.64
  •   fixed the video converter for M3U8 stream protocol
  •   fixed and updated the Firefox extension
  •   refactoring and bug fix

Version: 1.7.2 (12.01.2018)

  •   added Greek language translation. Thanks to Soulimiotis Theodoros for translation.
  •   added Italian language translation. Thanks to Tony Di Colore for translation.
  •   added support for more video sites:,,, and
  •   updated and fixed stream M3U8 protocol parser
  •   updated and fixed stream MPEG-DASH protocol parser
  •   fixed the wrong offer for downloading many TS files by Chrome and Firefox extensions.
  •   fixed status info for
  •   fixed media converter
  •   fixed and updated Firefox extension
  •   fixed and updated Chrome extension
  •   refactoring and bug fix

Note:We try to maintain the User Guide up to date, add changes, answer frequently asked questions (FAQ): English, France, Russian.Version: 1.7.1 (24.12.2017)

  •  added French User Guide
  •   updated and fixed Spanish translation. Many thanks to the Mexico translator who wished to remain anonymous.
  •   updated and fixed MPEG-DASH protocol the timeId parser (update for all extensions)
  •   fixed receiving of updates of the software and the user guide
  •   fixed position of the progress dialog window when it is minimizing in the taskbar
  •   fixed the license registration form errors when using hieroglyphic (Chinese, Korean, Japanese) writing
  •   fixed positioning of the tray menu
  •   fixed Chrome extension: the full screen video and multiple video frames
  •   fixed HTTP "Content-Disposition" parser for Chrome and Firefox extension
  •   refactoring and bug fix

Version 1.7.0   added youtube playlist parser   added progress of parallel video and sound downloading   updated "Add Video Download" dialog form   removed mini-progress button and window   fixed MPEG-DASH protocol parser   fixed bugs of the VideoBox managing   fixed and updated Firefox extension   fixed and updated Chrome extension   refactoring and bug fixVersion: 1.6.5 (10.11.2017)   added several color themes (skins) at numerous user requests   fixed and updated chrome and firefox extensions   fixed a bug of app hang and memory leak when downloading of m3u8 video file   fixed display errors of dialog window fonts when scaling mode system fonts   fixed a bug of the store of web autorization   fixed task scheduler   fixed several MIME types of files   refactoring and bug fixVersion: (02.11.2017) It's a giveaway build for SharewareOnSale.comVersion: 1.6.3 (17.10.2017)   added English User Guide and Russian translation. French translation will be soon.   added to Chrome and Firefox extensions the ability to suppress blank tabs after the capture file to download. Turn Off\On this feature in Config\General\Browser Integration.   fixed web page grabber for context menu of Chrome and Firefox extensions   refactoring and bug fix[/list]



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