NordVPN Proxy extension Firefox and AntDM

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NordVPN Proxy extension Firefox and AntDM

Post by francois on Wed 7 Feb - 20:34


We have just discovered a problem with the NordVPN Proxy extension.

When enabled in Firefox, this "NordVPN Proxy" extension on some internet sites may not allow AntDM to download in automatic mode.

So on a minority of Internet sites, NordVPN Proxy causes a malfunction with AntDM and the automatic start of the download.
After clicking on a link with a file, the "Add a download" window is not displayed.

For these sites, you must disable NordVPN Proxy in the add-ons (or in the extension manager) of Firefox to use the automatic start download.
(the NordVPN software does not generate a conflict with AntDM, only the extension)


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