NordVPN Proxy extension Firefox /Chrome and AntDM

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NordVPN Proxy extension Firefox /Chrome and AntDM Empty NordVPN Proxy extension Firefox /Chrome and AntDM

Post by francois on Wed 7 Feb - 20:34


We have just discovered a problem with the NordVPN Proxy extension.

When enabled in Firefox and Chrome, this "NordVPN Proxy" extension on some internet sites may not allow AntDM to download in automatic mode.

So on a minority of Internet sites, NordVPN Proxy causes a malfunction with AntDM and the automatic start of the download.
After clicking on a link with a file, the "Add a download" window is not displayed.
or causes the download of an HTML file and replace the file of the link or the final file.

For these sites, you must disable NordVPN Proxy in the add-ons (or in the extension manager) of Firefox to use the automatic start download.
(the NordVPN software does not generate a conflict with AntDM, only the extension)


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