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Not downloading torrents

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Not downloading torrents Empty Not downloading torrents

Post by chrisjlocke Fri 3 Jun - 16:20

So I've been using v2.7.0 for a while with no issues, then the 'do you want to update?' popped up.  I clicked yes, but then cancelled it, as it wanted to restart Firefox. I was in the middle of some bits, so didn't want to lose my pages.
Since then, downloads have been working, but torrents haven't.  They just sit at the 'waiting' stage.

I can stop it, click Start or Redownload (Force Download isn't an option) and have restarted the application (ensuring its closed from the notification area).  Haven't restarted the PC yet though.
Is there an additional service for torrents?  Is it waiting on an external component thats been shut?
Previous torrents have been OK, and these are torrents with good sources, etc (shoved them in Deluge, and they worked fine there).
Is there a log to show its trying to download and failing because of 'something' ?

Edit: Forgot to say. If I click 'Redownload', instead of 'waiting' I get 'Stop', but still nothing happens.


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Not downloading torrents Empty Re: Not downloading torrents

Post by antdm Sun 5 Jun - 8:13

Try to

#1 reinstall the software (First you need to completely remove the software - C:\Program Files (x86)\Ant Download Manager\unins000.exe. This will clear all the wrong software installation.)

#2 install one of previouse version
Is it works? If yes, then send me your torrent link for test.


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