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Downloads not completing

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Downloads not completing Empty Downloads not completing

Post by RIC4003 Thu 17 May - 3:34

Hi all,

I'm using Ant Pro 1.7.7 on Windows 10 Home and I use Firefox 60. I've never had any problem downloading anything before today.
At this time, I'm only having problems downloading from I've also downloaded from Discovery networks with no issues.
The problem is the file downloads fine until it gets to 98 or 99% and then it stops. I've tried repeatedly to re-download to no avail.
I got HTTP 410 errors at one point but just once. I've also tried going back to the website to get fresh links-I'm trying to d/l 3 files-
and that still doesn't help. I have links to the episodes but I can't post them here because I'm a new member so I guess I'd have to
send a PM, if someone needs them.

Thanks for your help,



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Downloads not completing Empty Re: Downloads not completing

Post by antdm Thu 17 May - 7:21

Please give your link to test. Also you can sent this link to the support email.


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Downloads not completing Empty Re: Downloads not completing

Post by francois Thu 17 May - 20:22

Try again with this unfinalized version 1.7.8:

Write me if this problem is still present.

Support AntDM - Francois


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