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How does "Download Later" work?

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How does "Download Later" work? Empty How does "Download Later" work?

Post by jaydear Wed 1 Aug - 8:51

I have to d/l a bunch of BIG update files. I clicked "download later" expecting that ANTDM would store the URLs and I'd be able to just start them later, one at a time. The first one finished and now I can't find any sign of the rest in ANTDM. The s/w website seems to be blocking me from trying again because, well, I don't know, it just is. Can you assist me please. AntDM v1.7.11

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How does "Download Later" work? Empty Re: How does "Download Later" work?

Post by antdm Fri 3 Aug - 8:53

"Download Later" works like you wrote for static links  but not for dynamic ones (links that have a deadline). For example, most video links have a time limit. I think it was your case.
If the lifetime of the link expired, the software will not be able to download it. There is often a HTTP403, HTTP404,... error


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