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More options to prevent accidental removal

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More options to prevent accidental removal Empty More options to prevent accidental removal

Post by tapir Sat 15 May - 0:06

Hello. Sorry for bad English. It would be nice if such functions were added to settings:
1) Option to hide (remove) delete buttons in main window so that there is a smaller chance to remove downloaded file by accident.
2) Option to hide all "do not show this dialog again", "close this dialog after downloading" in settings. They can sometimes. Moreover, some people with OCD would tick squares compulsively and then have to reapply these dialogs.
3) Option to show confirmation dialog even when "delete" in context menu is pressed or "Del" button
4) Even more options to prevent accidental removal. Maybe a requirement to hold the button x adjustable seconds or to write something like yes down.
5) Something like trash where things are stored instead of being removed (not a file itself but link, metadata, path)
6) Option to hide "remove" and "x" button in the download
This would be cool. Because, for example, I like to keep a long list of downloads.


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More options to prevent accidental removal Empty Re: More options to prevent accidental removal

Post by antdm Sat 15 May - 10:06

Thanks for your suggestions!

Several tips:
- Downloads are irretrievably deleted in two cases: button [x] and Ctrl-Shift-Del. In this case, the download and the downloaded file are deleted.
In other cases, the downloaded file is not deleted and the download is moved to the history.
- Users are not too like many confirmation questions, answers. It annoys them.
- If the user accidentally sets a checkbox (save answer and do not show question again) and now he is not prompted to confirm the action, it can usually be restored by Config\Messages


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