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Integration with SponsorBlock

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Integration with SponsorBlock Empty Integration with SponsorBlock

Post by ALev Mon 28 Jun - 20:58

Google Chrome and other browsers have a good SponsorBlock extension that allows you to view Youtube videos without sponsored inserts and other "garbage".
And there is an API for this extension:

It would be very good if your program could download Youtube videos without sponsored inserts using available technologies.

Example of a video with sponsored inserts and more:


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Integration with SponsorBlock Empty Re: Integration with SponsorBlock

Post by antdm Tue 29 Jun - 11:32

YouTube manifest has no information on the availability of sponsored inserts. The video comes complete with integrated sponsored inserts made by the video owner himself.

The project you mentioned (SponsorBlock) allows its users to mark sponsored inserts themselves and submit them to SponsorBlock database.

Unfortunately, this method is not acceptable for the majority of projects downloading video from videohostings.


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