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Uses same File Name

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Uses same File Name Empty Uses same File Name

Post by steveeyes Tue 23 May - 14:51

Hello...great program but still having some frustration or confusion. Even though the files I download have different file names on the website, the downloaded files all use the same name. I have to manually rename each file myself which is quite tedious and time consuming.

I spent time reading the documentation but that is the part I find confusing. Maybe I'm reading in the wrong place. If I did read in the right place it said something about merging files under the context menu. I could not find anything related to merging files under the context menu.

I do find your documentation confusing. I wish you had more videos explaining how to use.

Anyway, if you would please, how do you download each file/video and it automatically names the file/video the same name it uses on the website?

Thank You

p.s. I have a feeling merge files is not what I want. I finally found it under the Context Menu but it was grayed out.


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