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A READ before posting a message Empty A READ before posting a message

Post by francois Sun 13 Aug - 19:42

To solve your problem, it is imperative to provide us with:
- The version of AntDM used
- Your version of Windows : XP, Vista, Windows 7 , 8 ou 8.1 , 10
- Your Internet Browser : Chrome, Opera, IE, Edge, Firefox , ... and its version
- Specify if you can repeat the problem
- If an AntDM error message appears, give it to us
- For a download problem, give the link of the file and the address of the internet page
- Please specify if it is a standard (or classical) download or a download with Generators Premium Links (Debrids)
- Describe step by step how the problem occurred

So that we can resolve your problem, it is essential that we must be able to reproduce your problem.

* For the problems of integration in the Internet browser, if you see the extension AntDM in your Internet browser and that it does not work, make sure that no other extension is in conflict with AntDM:
0/ read again! may be your extension is not installed or turn off
1/ Disable all extensions of the Internet browser and enable only the extension AntDM.
2/ If after this, the extension AntDM works correctly, it is that there is a conflict with an extension installed
3 / to solve your problem, reactivate the extensions one by one and check the operation of the AntDM extension between each activation. (Do not forget to refresh the page)
When the AntDM extension stops working, the last active extension is in issue.
(Usually there is no problem but I ask you to check)

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