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1.17.4 Issues

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1.17.4 Issues Empty 1.17.4 Issues

Post by 919263 Fri 24 Apr - 1:28

So this updated irself to 1.17.4
The issue is that the download stops completely if the window is NOT open.
Also, if you open the window, leave it open open a browser, the Ant window disappears, and if you go to the system tray, it is not even there, if you click on the desktop icon, it appears in the system tray, but now there are multiple instances.

I had to downgrade to 1.17.3 beta so that I can use this...


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1.17.4 Issues Empty Re: 1.17.4 Issues

Post by antdm Fri 24 Apr - 12:00

Please give some link to your test.
Try to install the latest 1.17.5.beta may be it issue was fixed.


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