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A few suggestions

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A few suggestions Empty A few suggestions

Post by khanyash Mon 11 Mar - 4:45


First of all, I have used a few download managers, Internet Download Manager, Free Download Manager, Download Accelerator Manager, Internet Download Accelerator, Download Accelerator Plus, EagleGet Download Manager, Xtreme Download Manager and Persepolis Download Manager.

I find Internet Download Manager the best, neat interface, browsers support and compatibility, stable, features and options, continuous development, etc.

Finally, after a long time, there is a download manager, Ant Download Manager (ADM), comparable to Internet Download Manager (IDM) and even better on a few points. Kudos to developers of Ant Download Manager (ADM).

I am using and testing ADM for a few days now. I didn't see any problem yet, except one, I will post in the problem section.


1. Settings - Downloads - I keep "Show download progress window" enabled and "Show download complete dialog" disabled.

I enabled the option "Delete task after download" in Settings - Automation, the completed files are automatically removed from the downloads list on the main interface, good, but Download Progress Window is not shown, I would like to see the Download Progress Window.

2. Would it be better to replace "Delete" option with "Open Folder" on the Download Progress Window?

3. Video Download Bar has animation on the sides, it would be good to have an option to not show the animation.

4. Settings - Video Capture - "Unpin Video Button from Chrome Tab" - The default is "Checked" or "Unchecked"? Here it is Checked and help files screenshot show Unchecked.

5. Settings - Video Capture - Miscellaneous - "Media animation" - What is it? It's not clear from the help files too.

6. When I download  video, sometimes I get an ADM window "Codecs are not installed". I cancel the window, the download completes successfully and video player plays the file fine. Why the message window?



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A few suggestions Empty Re: A few suggestions

Post by antdm Mon 11 Mar - 6:17

Thank you for your question!

#1 The download progress window is pinned to current task. If task was deleted then all related windows will be deleted too.
#2 In my opinion, the ability to delete an existing task is more important than opening a folder with a nonexistent file.
After downloading the file, Pause button changes its state to Open.
#3 See Settings\Miscellaneous\Icon Animation
#4 I a little dont understood question.
#5 and #6 I think these questions relation.
AntDM does not find support for some codecs.
Probably it will not be able to run a video preview (#4), determine the type of video and audio codecs after downloading the file, perhaps some specific videos (for example new Google codecs) will not be able to be viewed.

If you will have a lot of question then sen it to support email. In this case, it will be easier for me to answer.


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A few suggestions Empty Re: A few suggestions

Post by khanyash Mon 11 Mar - 7:54

Thank you for the reply. I will send any new issues to support email.

1. My mistake. I tried again and the option is working as expected.
2. "Open" runs the file and "Open Folder" opens the download folder. Some users prefer to check the downloaded files with scan tools, virustotal, etc before executing the files. I can understand your argument too for the delete option.
3. I have already unchecked the options Icon Animation and Media animation under Misc but Video Download Bar still shows animation on the sides.
4. I meant, what is the default setting of the option "Unpin Video Button from Chrome Tab" under Settings - Video Capture i.e by default, the option comes checked or unchecked?
5 and 6. The download of videos is not affected due to the missing codecs, right?
And, would I get the missing codecs message every time on the download of such videos?


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A few suggestions Empty Re: A few suggestions

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