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Redesign the way to develop antdm

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Redesign the way to develop antdm Empty Redesign the way to develop antdm

Post by plb7777 Wed 8 Feb - 8:59

dear developers;

Kindly think about this... I am requesting following points to improve the design and maintenance of antDM will be super easy. Initially it takes times but eventually it became super friendly.

1. Divide all the downloading protocols (http, https, ftp, rtsp, rtmp, mms, bt etc) from main .exe file. additional .dll file or other files will catch desired downloads.
2. the .exe file will be only for UI/UX so that change can be easy and crash report can be fixed easily.
3. for every new task that requires separate windows like media grabber (link parser), here also separate .exe (for UI/UX) and a separate dedicated .dll to parse the links.

The above steps will benefits a lot like
1. change in UI or features will not accumulate garbage code and reduced the memory size to minimum.
2. reporting, maintain and bug fix will be super easy.
3. we can change the UI only and inherit all the available previous features to it.
4. we can add more features like youtube-dl/ty-dlp to the video parser and for it we don't need to check main programs.

thanks please think about it and make the new antDM 3.x UI more lightweight and more simple and more user friendly.


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